Advanced Customs Training


The objective of this training allows staff members in customs clearance to deal with more regular or complex issues related to customs regulations and procedures. The training allows staff members to get involved in more complex issues in which customs clearance is part of, such as customs authorizations, customs audit or legal procedures. The training is meant to observe customs regulations and directives at all time. The training will be a mix of theory, practical knowledge and exercises. The course will be concluded with an exam.


This training is an advanced course for clearance officers or staff members that are responsible for a part of the logistics process in which customs is involved. In order to follow this course, it is mandatory to have followed the basic module or to have two years of experience. A full participation in the course is required to follow all exercises and discussions.


Over more than 10 years, our trainer has gained experience in customs affairs and clearance, both in private as in public sector. He has practical experience in customs clearance from commercial air cargo perspective.  He is currently working in customs training and strategy in the public sector. He also gives regularly training at Bruges Business School and other training organizations.


Keywords for this training are: advanced customs declarations – Exercises – customs legislation – prohibitions – limitations – CITES – dual use – special procedures – customs compliance – customs authorizations – AEO – audit – customs payments – guarantee – financial reporting – customs measures


Training duration: 3 days
Language: Dutch
Category: Cargo handling & logistics
Target Audience: White Collar

Required Foreknowledge: Customs Basic