ACI – Cybersecurity for Airport Executives (E-learning)

Airport operations · Security · E-learning · Certificate: ACI

Training information

  • Length of training: 1 hour
  • Language: English
  • Certification:  ACI Certificate
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Price: $ 95 (VAT excluded)

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Target Audience

  • airport executives
  • airport managers


The effective management of cybersecurity is crucial in ensuring the wellbeing of the airport industry and protecting the travelling public.

The ACI online: Cybersecurity for Airport Executives training course assists airport executives and managers in defining and implementing cybersecurity policies. It also defines best practices & regulatory considerations and includes global aviation standards. This is a  non-technical course that provides airport management with a general overview.

This course trains participants in:

  • the importance airport cybersecurity
  • the key elements of a cybersecurity programme
  • the key elements of a cybersecurity policy
  • cybersecurity best practices
  • the regulatory considerations of airport cybersecurity

This course includes an integrated online assessment. Candidates must pass this assessment to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course content

  • Why is airport cybersecurity important?
  • Who is responsible for cybersecurity?
  • Potential impacts
  • Threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Establishing a cybersecurity programme and cybersecurity governance & policy
  • Best practices
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Regional and domestic regulation
  • Global aviation standards and recommended practices
  • International cybersecurity standards and frameworks
  • Support for appropriate regulation

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