Aircraft Turnaround Coordination and Loading Supervision

Cargo handling & logistics · Special cargo · Classroom · Certificate: Aviato Academy

Training information

  • Length of training: 32 hours / 4 days
  • Language: English, Dutch, French
  • Certification: Aviato Academy Certificate
  • Previous knowledge required: none
  • Price: €840 (VAT excluded)

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Target Audience

  • Loadmasters and load controllers
  • Ramp supervisors and turnaround coordinators


Monitoring and controlling the unloading and loading of an aircraft in accordance with procedures.

Controlling aircraft turnaround and coordinating equipment and process operations.

The on-time departure of the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner.
Being able of supervising the ramp team during the aircraft turnaround.

Course content

  • Safety procedures airside
  • Handling procedures for aircraft
  • Aircraft turnaround operation plan
  • Load control practices: on the job training

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