Handler Cargo

Cargo handling & logistics · Special cargo · Blended · Certificate: Aviato Academy

Training information

  • Length of training: 12,5 days
  • Language: French & Dutch
  • Certification: Aviato Academy Certificate
  • Previous knowledge required: None
  • Price: € 2,400 (VAT excluded)

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Target Audience

Handler working for a company specialised in air cargo handling.


This course is vital preparation for the job of handler cargo in an airport environment.  The aim is to teach participants the essential basics that will enable them to carry out their job efficiently and safely.  From building to dismantling pallets, from driving a forklift to handling dangerous goods. 

The training is innovative. It combines classical training with online training. This approach introduces the trainees to one of the facets of digitalization. The methodology is effective and allows the less agile to assimilate the basic notions of IT.

At the end of each module, the trainee is subjected to an evaluation.

Course content

Basic knowledge of the airport environment

This course is designed to provide a better understanding of the airport sector and the specific terminology used in the field.  The concepts of zones, types of activities, handling equipment, etc. are taught. 

Cargo Introduction

The module is an introduction to the air cargo industry. What is the role of the cargo handler in the whole process? Who are the present and essential players in the supply chain?

Good practice for pharmaceutical products

The distribution of pharmaceutical products by air transport is very demanding. The respect of temperatures, packaging, … are essential to safeguard the quality of the transported products. This course allows participants to measure the importance of these aspects and to learn how to apply the appropriate measures.

Dangerous goods – Category 8

As a handler, you will be required to store, handle and store dangerous goods. It is essential that you are able to understand and measure the risks associated with each material handled.

Aviation Business Basic:

This course is designed to provide a better understanding of airside safety and security and consists of the following 3 modules:

  • Airside airport safety: Airports can be targets of malicious intent. Some people use every trick in the book to gain unauthorised access to the site. This module explains how to prevent such acts.
  • Airside security: Working airside can be dangerous. Strict traffic rules must be applied to avoid incidents. This course should help you to better understand the reasons for these rules and especially how to avoid accidents.
  • Human factors: As human beings, we are sometimes inattentive, tired, prone to routine, …. Understanding the importance of the consequences of our attitude, actions, and gestures are essential to avoid incidents.

Cargo handling operations and pallet construction 

Learning how to build a pallet, i.e. how to build, distribute weights, measure, optimise transport space as well as secure the goods and the use of the net. This knowledge is crucial in handling activities. 

Frontal forklift driver’s licence

As a cargo handler you will be required to drive small and medium-sized lifting equipment. In this module, we will teach you how to drive such machines safely.

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