Safety for Leading Levels in hierarchical structure

General · Safety · Classroom · Certificate: Aviato Academy

Training information

  • Length of training:  4 hours / 0,5 day
  • Language: Dutch & French (on request)
  • Certification: Certificate of attendance
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Price: € 105 (VAT excluded)

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Target Audience

 All members of the hierarchical structure.


All employers know that they cannot be everywhere at once. That is why they delegate certain tasks to members within the company’s hierarchical structure. But in such cases, who bears responsibility and accountability. And what exactly is expected of this hierarchical structure in terms of safety? The purpose of the Safety in Hierarchical Structure training course is to provide a clear overview of the various tasks and responsibilities of the hierarchical structure within the context of the DRBS (Dynamic Risk Management System). A strong foundation is at the heart of a reliable safety policy. The hierarchical structure forms an essential part of this foundation.

Course content

  • What is the hierarchical structure?
  • Who forms part of this hierarchical structure?
  • The DRBS (Dynamic Risk Management System) as the basis of prevention
  • Legal provisions
  • Responsibilities and accountability 
  • Expectations from, and tasks of, the hierarchical structure
  • Examples of legal cases

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