Security Controls Concerning Known Supplier of Airport Supplies (KSAS) (Ref EU – Refresher Training (Elearning)

Airport operations · Security · E-learning · Certificate: Aviato Academy

Training information

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Language: Dutch & French
  • Certification: Aviato Academy Certificate, valid for 1 year
  • Basic requirements and admission conditions: KSAS (Ref EU – Initial Training
  • Price: €45 (VAT Excluded)

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Target Audience

Persons responsible for the preparation, delivery, handling, and protection of airport supplies.


The objective of the training is to acquire the necessary competences to be able to apply security controls to airport supplies other than screening in accordance with (EU) 2015/1998 legislation point and training Q5 from the Belgium Aviation Security Training Programme (2018).

Course content

  • Training of persons implementing non-screening security controls on air carrier mail and air carrier materials, in-flight supplies, and airport supplies shall result in each of the following competencies:
    • Knowledge of previous acts of unlawful interference and terrorist attacks against civil aviation and of current threats;
    • knowledge of relevant legal requirements;
    • knowledge of the objectives and organisation of aviation security, including the duties and responsibilities of screen persons;
  • knowledge of procedures to detain persons and circumstances in which persons should be detained or reported;
  • knowledge of reporting procedures;
  • the ability to identify prohibited articles;
  • ability to respond appropriately to the detection of prohibited articles;
  • knowledge of how to conceal prohibited articles;
  • knowledge of protection requirements for air carrier mail and materials, in-flight supplies and airport supplies, as appropriate;
  • knowledge of transportation requirements, if applicable.

Each person undergoing such training shall demonstrate an understanding of all the items mentioned in this paragraph before taking up their duties.

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