Aviato Academy and Ocular are creating a ground-breaking Digital Experience & Training Center

Aviato Academy, a subsidiary of Brussels Airport Company and a leading training center in the aviation sector in Belgium, is partnering with Ocular, a technology company specializing in creating experience centers, to develop its Digital Experience & Training Center with attached Airport Studio and Lab Space. This partnership guarantees the creation of a striking aviation experience center, which will open its doors this autumn.

The Aviation Talent Hub 54, situated at Brussels Airport, will host the upcoming Digital Experience & Training Center within its premises. This cutting-edge experience center is designed to captivate individuals by fully immersing them in the realm of airports and aviation, all while providing training supported by innovative learning methods and technological resources.

In the adjoining Lab Space, participants gain valuable insights into identifying roles that align with their interests, and they are encouraged to cultivate their skills and competencies. This approach ensures their readiness for the evolving jobs in the aviation sector. On the upper floor, the Studio serves as a hybrid environment where companies can showcase their latest innovations, test, and demonstrate ideas, and engage in knowledge exchange. It stands as an inspiring space for entrepreneurship, with a keen focus on innovation and collaborative creation.

To ignite enthusiasm among candidates, employees, and businesses regarding the airport, Aviato Academy, in partnership with Ocular, is establishing an interactive experience and training space spanning over 670 m². The development of this experience center places a strong emphasis on gamification, incorporating a diverse array of technological tools provided by Ocular. These tools include an immersive environment featuring 360° projection, interactive screens, touch tables, and augmented and virtual reality.

This project has dual objectives. Firstly, it aims to showcase various airport jobs and position Brussels Airport as an appealing employer. Visitors can delve into the intricacies of the job within a highly technological environment, witnessing demonstrations, exploring the latest innovations, and being fully immersed in the present and future of aviation. This immersive experience sparks interest in pursuing a career at the airport.

Secondly, the Digital Experience & Training Center is designed to continuously train and retrain both current and future employees. This real-time training environment allows employees to apply their skills immediately, fostering creativity and teamwork through interdisciplinary collaboration. The emphasis on such collaboration positions the airport as a vibrant hub of innovation.

Isabelle Borli, General Manager Aviato Academy: “I am extremely proud of this advancement in the Aviation Talent Hub. With our state-of-the-art Digital Experience & Training Center, we achieve two significant goals simultaneously. We are increasing the appeal of airport jobs, attracting more people to the airport, while making training more tangible for our employees. They can immediately apply their acquired skills using cutting-edge technology. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Ocular, a pioneer in creating experience centers, is our partner in this extraordinary journey.”

The official inauguration of the Experience Center is scheduled for October 2024. Initially, companies can reserve it for events or training sessions. Job seekers and potential candidates can also access the facility through Aviato, the employment center at Brussels Airport. Subsequently, the premises will be made available to other customers later.

Nicolas Vanden Avenne – Founder & CEO Ocular: “For us, technology serves as a means to a specific end, and that’s our primary focus. In this context, it enables us to adopt a hybrid approach, effectively bridging the gap between education and inspiration. Additionally, the lasting impact of an interactive experience is significantly more profound—it lingers for an extended period. We are immensely proud to be instrumental in the creation of this unique experience center.”


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This Digital Experience & Training Center has received co-funding amounting to €1,110,000 from


Aviato Academy: Unique in Every Aspect

Aviato Academy stands as a leading ecosystem for knowledge, training, and learning in the aviation industry. What sets it apart is its commitment to development through collaboration. By partnering with internal and external experts, it draws upon years of experience across various sectors of the aviation industry to offer specific and practical training programs. This exceptional co-creation process fosters enrichment and growth.

Aviato Academy also collaborates with renowned international partners, such as IATA, ACI, AM&TS, and others, to provide a wide range of specialized aviation courses, including cargo, pharmaceutical logistics, dangerous goods, and more.

As the preferred partner for airport staff training, Aviato Academy supports lifelong learning and skill development through innovative approaches, enhancing the employability of its candidates and students.

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About Ocular

Established in 2002, Ocular is a technology company specializing in immersive and interactive installations. While headquartered in Zwevezele, Belgium, Ocular has left its mark across Europe by creating digital experiences in various settings. Their portfolio includes projects in museums, experience centers, digital showrooms, concept stores, experience rooms, and training centers. Ocular has collaborated with global players such as Worldline, Orange Cyberdefense, Siemens, Cargill, and others, helping bring digital concepts to life.

More info: www.ocular.be