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Learning Management System for e-learning and exam

Before an airport ID badge can be issued, the employee for whom a badge request was submitted must pass a test to prove that they have the basic knowledge to be able to work at the airport and guarantee their own safety and that of all others.

Since the end of April 2022, Aviato Academy has been your training partner for taking the e-learning and exam to obtain the Brussels Airport identification badge.

These two steps are crucial for obtaining an airport badge. Do you, as a badge applicant or candidate, have any questions about the learning platform?

Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you:


To obtain your airport identification badge, you must follow a number of e-learning modules:

– The security awareness e-learning consists of two modules followed by an exam.

  1. Module 1: Security Awareness EN
  2. Module 2: Personal security & radicalisation

– The health & safety (working safely) e-learning followed by an exam.
Please note! Brussels Airport Company staff and diplomats only must take the exam for the Security Awareness e-learning (both modules).


We are counting on you, as an employer, to handle these tests responsibly and take the necessary measures to ensure that the future badge holder takes this test in person and complies with the usual examination principles. Please note that, in case of doubt, the test results will be considered invalid.

To request a test, please provide us with the details below. You will then receive the link to the test(s) together with the login details.

Please send the following details to :

– Surname
– First name
– Date of birth
– Company name
– Language (EN/NL/FR)

You will receive your login details by mail. With these, you can log on to


Please note: you will only have access to the exam if you have completed both e-learnings Security Awareness and Insider threat.
A candidate has passed the test when he/she has obtained a score of at least 6/10 and has participated in the Safety questionnaire.

The Security test can be taken 2 times. If you fail it twice, please contact the badge department.


Do you have a question about e-learning or your exam? Find your answer here.

Do I get a confirmation of the exam success?

No, you will not receive a confirmation. However, you will be able to see whether you passed or failed the exam at the end of it.

Where can I find my results?

You can find your results in the study details in the top menu.

Can I choose to leave some time between the e-learning sessions?

Ideally, you should take all e-learnings at once. After you have taken your exam, you will automatically be blocked in the system after 48 hours.

I forgot my password, what now?

Please send a mail to to have your password reset.

Airport badge