E³UDRES² Project: Enlightening Journey to Vienna

Invited by UCLL, Aviato Academy had the privilege of embarking on an enlightening journey to Vienna as part of the E³UDRES² project. This initiative brings together a European University Alliance, a dynamic network of higher education institutions across Europe committed to close collaboration in research, teaching, innovation, and beyond.

Vienna Visit UCLL


The itinerary unfolded with a diverse program, encompassing visits to key institutions:

  • Ars Electronica: Delving deep into the realm of cutting-edge technologies, we explored how these advancements are reshaping our lifestyles and transforming the way we collaborate and work together.
  • UAS St. Pölten: An institution synonymous with forward-thinking academic education across various disciplines, focusing on the exchange of learning techniques and fostering a dynamic environment for students.
  • WeXelarate: Austria’s Innovation Ecosystem, carefully curated to spark creativity and cultivate collaborative efforts, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of innovation.
  • Vienna University of Business & Economics: Offering valuable insights into the seamless integration of students into the professional world, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

This immersive journey proved to be a great experience that will significantly contribute to the future elaboration of our Aviation Talent Hub.

The knowledge gained from each visit, particularly the in-depth understanding of new technologies, future-oriented academic education, innovation ecosystems, and the harmonious integration of students into the working world, will undoubtedly enhance our initiatives to create a dynamic hub that fosters creativity, collaboration, and forward-thinking approaches for all those engaged in the educational journey.