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Aviato Academy is the epitome of a bottom-up organization. Our entire knowledge platform and all our trainings are based on the communities inside the Airport & Aviation Industry. But the real engines behind those communities are our partners. They offer invaluable help in centralizing and developing our communities by sharing their knowledge, their experts and their trainings.

The number of partnerships within Aviato Academy grows every day. 

Airports Council International (ACI) is the only global trade representative of the world’s airports. ACI represents airports interests with Governments and international organizations such as ICAO, develops standards, policies and recommended practices for airports, and provides information and training opportunities to raise standards around the world.

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Brussels Airport Company

With 19 million passengers in 2022 Brussels Airport is one of Europe’s largest airports and Belgium’s main airport. In 2023, Brussels Airport connects Belgium directly with 200 destinations worldwide, offered by 70 airlines.

It is the second most important economic growth pole in Belgium, with a 1.8% share in the national GDP and an added value of € 3.2 billion for Belgium.


Brussels Airport Company



The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 290 airlines or 82% of total air traffic. IATA supports many areas of aviation activity and help formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.

CBTA Excellence


UC Leuven Limburg

Hogeschool UCLL, as an educational and knowledge institution, offers graduate and bachelor-level education as well as continuing education in the context of lifelong learning. Thanks to its applied and practice-oriented research in cooperation with organisations, companies and public authorities, it contributes to innovative and future-oriented ideas.


Airport Intelligence

Introducing Airport Intelligence. Leveraging the expertise of its parent company, Brussels Airport Company, Airport Intelligence specializes in helping airports to enhance efficiency, increase passengers experience, and boost revenues, through a comprehensive range of tools and consultancy services.

Airport Intelligence offers a comprehensive Airport Operations Plan (AOP) solution, a suite of modules converting information into actionable insights, triggering proactively informed decisions. The suite offers different features that can be implemented in a modular way, allowing airports to forecast, plan, monitor, and mitigate performance of operations in a proactive and data-driven way.

Based on our experience, Airport Intelligence can support airports on their journeys towards more pro-active data-driven decision making through cultural change, the scoping, implementation and optimisation of operational coordination centers (APOC) and process optimisation or the set-up of Safety Management Systems.

Discover how Airport Intelligence can help you enhance passenger experience, reduce costs and increase revenues by transforming your airport operations into a proactive, data-driven success story.

Airport Intelligence

Aviato Academy and ECS join forces

As safety starts with developing and fostering some crucial competences and insights, we are proud to put our partner in the spotlight. Our collaboration with ECS offers a wide range of safety-related training courses.




Syntra Bizz

Syntra Bizz provides around 650 ready-made training courses and hundreds of tailor-made courses on site for large and small companies.

They not only focus on the popular tailor-made courses on language, Microsoft 365, technical specialties, customer centricity, IT, safety, prevention, soft skills, coaching and leadership, but also gladly respond to specific requests from companies for courses specific to certain sectors or techniques.

The cooperation with Aviato Academy is therefore the next step towards expanding their training offer.

In the first place, they focus on the certified IATA Dangerous Goods Cat. 6 training course and the basic customs training course. We are convinced that Syntra Bizz, thanks to its connections with the transport sector and the numerous logistics companies in the Antwerp port and along the Albert Canal, can form a perfect link between Aviato Academy and this audience.

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Fox-Trot AeroSolutions (Consultancy)

Fox-Trot AeroSolutions is a Belgian company that’s supporting your business in providing expertise and tailor-made solutions in compliance with industry standards and regulations, in areas such as:

  • Weight & Balance
  • Special Loads
  • Ground Operations
  • Airport Services
  • Loadmasters
  • Ground Support Equipment

Fox-Trot AeroSolutions

Tarmak Aviation (Consultancy)

Tarmak Aviation provides all-around consulting in the cargo aviation industry. They offer services from A to Z, by bringing all experts together and acting as a one-stop-shop, assisting companies in completing all challenges ahead.

Based at Liege Airport, Belgium (LGG/EBLG), their network of professionals is perfectly equipped to provide tailor-made consulting, all under one roof. They support all neighboring and even worldwide airports in the following areas:

  • Aviation Operations Consultancy
  • Loadmaster Services
  • Dangerous Goods Expertise
  • Auditing Services
  • Supervision & Coordination
  • Specific Training Solutions


Tarmak Aviation (Consultancy)


Crime Control

Incidents involving verbal and even physical aggression in and around the airport are unfortunately no longer exceptional.

Aviato Academy responds to this difficult operational reality and is therefore committed to supporting the staff of companies at Brussels Airport and its surroundings.

To learn to better manage such situations, Aviato Academy has teamed up with the training and consultancy company Crime Control to develop tailor-made programs, fully adapted to the context of these target groups: dealing with verbal aggression, maintaining physical integrity, avoiding intercultural conflicts, combating sexual harassment, etc…


Crime Control


Robrechts & Thienpont



Altitudes is a company that offers expertise and customized solutions to support your business, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations in areas such as:

  • Station set-up and opening
  • Airport and local authorities’ liaison
  • Loadmaster (Ground/Flying) services including Load planning/Weight and Balance
  • Special Loads
  • Warehouse supervision
  • Ramp supervision
  • Sourcing IT, Business and Financial professionals
  • Recruiting IT, Business and Financial professionals