Training solutions

Aviato Academy doesn’t just offer training, it also forms a platform for the sharing of knowledge between experts.

This knowledge platform relies on our range of expert communities made up of experts in their field. These experts use their know-how to update others on possible changes. They also offer others insight into what they do and what they need in order to perform at their very best.

This unique exchange of knowledge will strengthen our aviation and airport industry and encourage innovation.

Ready for tomorrow

Aviato Academy develops innovative educational courses with a strong focus on the aviation of tomorrow. We aim to use the latest programs and methods and have the ambition to use advanced technologies such as specially developed apps, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Above all, however, we rely on the community. By constantly listening to their current and future needs, we are resolutely focusing our trainings on the future.

Our offer

Aviato Academy offers the ideal combination of e-learning and classical learning, whereby e-learning is the ‘what’ and classical workshops are the ‘how’: training habits, sensibilisation, exchanges of experiences with peers and so on.

The online training is offered through our own advanced LMS and is very useful for starters or for refresher courses.

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