Aviato Academy wins ESF project call

We are starting the new year with a new subsidized project with the research objective: which competency changes do the current and future transitions entail and how should the training offer be adapted to match this.

The project “Strategic competence forecast” runs from November till the end of August 2022. It is a project call of SCOPE 2021, financed by the ESF (European Social Fund) and the Flemish Co-financing Fund. 

Aviation is in a digital transition and the corona crisis has accelerated it. With the war for talent, many companies are facing a shortage of personnel with the right skills. Therefore, Aviato Academy wants to conduct research and take action to support the entire airport community.

Within this project, Aviato Academy and several internal and external partners will focus on two transitions, i.e. the digitalisation of the workplace and the digital learning environment.

To anticipate the dynamics of the labour market and to better align the training and education offer with this, a targeted focus on competencies is necessary.

Transitions and changes in competencies

Mapping the transitions the airport and aviation sector is currently undergoing or which are predicted for the future. The subsequent competency projection must clarify which changes in competencies these transitions entail. In practical terms, this change in competencies can take three forms:

  1. Existing competencies are adjusted, 
  2. existing competencies disappear, or 
  3. new competencies are added. 

On this basis, we can state that existing jobs can change or disappear and that new jobs can be created.

Current training offer

At the same time, we will also examine the current training offer. This raises the following questions. What training is currently offered to employees of different sectors and companies? At what frequency? Internally or with partners? Which is the precise content? Does this current training offer meet the future competence changes? 

Based on the current information available, we know that training for the airport and aviation sector is mainly organised at individual company or sector level. Companies call upon internal expertise or a large number of external partners for this purpose. 


Based on the information from the competence forecast and the current training offer, we can conclude which developments in training needs will be necessary to make employees and companies future proof.

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