Electrical safety – BA4 – non-electricians

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Training information

  • Length of training: 8,5 hours / 1 day
  • Language: Dutch or French
  • Certification: Candidates will receive a certificate of participation. Based on this certificate, the employer may declare the employee competent for BA4.
  • Price: € 200 (VAT excluded)

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Target Audience

Employees who work on or in the vicinity of electrical systems


Article 47 of the AREI (General Regulations for Electrical Installations) stipulates that BA4-qualified persons should either be adequately instructed on the electrical risks associated with the work entrusted to them, or constantly be supervised by a qualified person throughout the duration of the work entrusted to them, in order to minimise the risks associated with electricity.

To ensure compliance, the Electrical Safety – BA4 (non-electricians) training course offers elementary information about dangers associated with electricity so that participants can identify the risks posed by electricity, use protective equipment correctly and respond appropriately to emergencies.

Course content

  • Legislation
  • Elementary information about electricity: (in)direct contact and short circuits
  • The dangers of electricity: Evaluation of the risks
  • Working on or in the vicinity of electrical systems: Low/high voltage
  • Tools and protective equipment

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