Electrical Safety – BA5 – qualified electricians

General · Safety · Classroom · Certificate: Aviato Academy

Training information

  • Length of training: 8,5 hours / 1 day 
  • Language: Dutch or French
  • Certification: Candidates will receive a Aviato Academy participation certificate. Employers can subsequently declare employees BA5-qualified on the basis of this certificate.
  • Price: € 220 (VAT excluded)

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Target Audience

Employees who work on or in the vicinity of electrical systems 


Articles 47 and 266 of AREI (General Regulations for Electrical Installations) stipulate that BA5-qualified persons should be capable of assessing the risks associated with the work to be carried out and should be able to implement measures for avoiding or minimising these risks. The aim of this training is to provide participants with basic information on electricity-related dangers so that they are able to identify the risks themselves, are motivated to use protective equipment correctly and can respond appropriately to emergency situations.

To ensure compliance, the Electrical Safety – BA5 (qualified electricians) training course offers elementary information about dangers associated with electricity so that participants can identify the risks posed by electricity, use protective equipment correctly and respond appropriately to emergencies.

Course content

  • Legislation
  • Review elementary information about electricity
  • The dangers of electricity: Evaluation of the risks
  • Working on electrical systems: Low/high voltage
  • Tools and protective equipment 
  • Operational material
  • Legal inspections
  • Prevention

Training calendar

16/11/2023 · Brussels Airport Building 54 · 08.30-17.00 · Language: French

21/11/2023 · Brussels Airport Building 54 · 08.30-17.00 · Language: Dutch

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