Asbestos Detection (E-learning)

Health & Safety · Health · E-learning · Certificate: Aviato Academy

Training information

  • Length of training: 5 hours
  • Language: English, French, Dutch
  • Certification: Aviato Academy Certificate
  • Previous knowledge required: None
  • Price: €90 (VAT excluded)

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Target Audience

All staff working in building sites.


Asbestos was widely used in construction as an effective insulator, and it was added to cloth, paper, cement, plastic, and other materials to make them stronger.

Many construction sites dating back to the seventies contain asbestos in diverse applications.

But when asbestos dust is inhaled or ingested, it can cause cancer and other health conditions.

This course will enable you to detect and remove asbestos safely and according to existing legislation.

Course content

After completing this course, you will know:

  • the background of the extensive use of asbestos in the past
  • the legal obligations that go with the asbestos context
  • the most common applications of asbestos

But you will also know:

  • how asbestos should be identified
  • when asbestos must be removed
  • who should remove asbestos
  • what safety measures you need to take

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