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Training information

  • Length of training: 4 sessions (total 14 hours)
  • Language: Dutch
  • Certification: Syntra Certificate
  • Previous knowledge required:
  • Price: € 515 (VAT Excluded)

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Target Audience

  • Employees and entrepreneurs from the international transport and logistics sector.
  • Independent transporters.


All documents international trade such as transport documents, control documents, descriptive documents and insurance documents are essential for smooth imports and exports.

Both the importance of all types of documents, how to complete them, where to find them and how to manage them efficiently are covered. Incorrectly completed or poorly managed documents cause potential problems with VAT and customs, resulting in heavy fines.

After attending this course

  • You will be able to handle a standard import file.
  • You can handle a standard export file.
  • You know the transport documents of international trade.
  • You know the control documents of international trade.
  • You know the descriptive documents of international trade

Course content

In 4 sessions, we cover the following aspects of International Trade.

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Transport documents in international trade
  • Control documents in international trade
  • Descriptive documents in international trade
  • Insurance documents in international trade

Training calendar

Training calendar

27/02 - 05/03/2024 · Campus Antwerp · 09:30-16:00 · Language: Dutch

28/05 - 06/06/2024 · Campus Antwerp · 09:30-16:00 · Language: Dutch

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