Internal Company Vehicles – Basic Training – 4 days

Cargo handling & logistics · Special cargo · Classroom · Certificate: Aviato Academy

Training information

  • Length of training: 4 days on-site.
  • Language: French and Dutch
  • Certification: Aviato Academy Certificate. Validity of driving licence 5 years.
  • Previous knowledge required: None
  • Price: €915 (VAT Excluded)

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Target Audience

Starting forklift & and electric stacker drivers with little or no experience.


Forklift Basic Training – 3 days

Learn how to handle a forklift safely. Improve productivity, profitability, and efficiency in handling, storage, and loading. Prevent the risk of accidents at work and improve safety. Hands-on, safety-oriented training with a personal focus on each participant.

Day 1 – Theory

  • The function of a forklift operator.
  • General and professional responsibilities.
  • Overview of the regulations.
  • Equipment
    • Forklift (different types)
    • Reach truck
  • Safety instructions.
  • Start of shift.
  • End of shift.
  • Loading Principles and Loading Procedures
  • Theoretical examination

Day 2 – Practice

  • AM Practice: Familiarisation with equipment, start of shift, driving without load, end of shift
  • PM Practice: Loading Principles and Loading Procedures, Driving loaded

Day 3

  • AM Practice: Stacking, general exercises, practice course
  • PM Practical examination.


Ergonomics – Physical movement of loads – 0.5 day

The Ergonomics – Physical Movement of Loads training course teaches the basic techniques necessary for manually lifting and moving loads sensibly. These techniques considerably reduce the risk of accidents.


In addition to the relevant physiology and ergonomics, the theory part of the course includes actual examples of good and bad handling methods

  • Feedback from participants
  • Frequency of the number of accidents resulting in back injuries
  • Anatomy
  • Types of back problems (anatomic causes and movements)
  • Prevention of back problems (posture, avoiding strain, physical conditioning. Examples)
  • Motivation


Practical exercises for implementing the elements handled in the theory part of the course. Implementing a LMRA (Last-Minute Risk Assessment) within this specific context.

  • ‘Manual handling’ exercises: safe handling of loads
  • Recognising harmful and correct postures
  • Knowing and applying various techniques for minimising the risk of back injuries

Working with an electric stacker – 0.5 day

Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to learn how to operate an electric stacker effectively and safely. To train the operators so that they can preventively report defects/faults and thus prevent accidents/injuries. To teach operation, load handling, and driving techniques to reduce damage to the surroundings caused by transport.


  • Exercising a safety function
  • The different types of electric stacker and their characteristics
  • The safety regulations: surrounding risks, driving techniques, and safety rules when driving
  • Inspection of appliances as lifting devices
  • Important concepts relating to the structure of the powered stacker and its controls
  • Stability concepts
  • Reading a load diagram
  • Correct and safe load handling
  • The elements of the start-up check, notification requirement and procedure for taking the equipment out of service
  • Checks to be carried out after work: correct parking, charging of batteries


  • Perform start-up check, recognise dangerous defects, and report them
  • Check inspection documents and apply safety rules
  • Use controls correctly
  • Connect and disconnect batteries
  • Using good driving techniques: forward and reverse, turning, parking
  • Interacting with pedestrians and other drivers
  • Performing the correct sequence of operation
  • Judging distances, depth, and height
  • Driving across, removing load, and placing it back in warehouse shelving
  • Moving loads through narrow passages
  • Driving on a ramp and loading a container
  • Applying order and tidiness and setting up safely

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