Non-violent communication

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Training information

  • Length of training: 4 sessions (total 12 hours)
  • Language: Dutch
  • Certification: Syntra Certificate
  • Previous knowledge required: None
  • Price: € 550 (VAT Excluded)

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Target Audience

Anyone who wants to work on sustainable communication, from their own responsibility, with an eye for the other person and the team.


Communicating a difficult message, making agreements in teams, achieving transparency… it can be challenging, appropriate and connecting communication offers a possible solution. Following the ideas of Marshall Rosenberg, in this training we take a close look at our communication, and from there ourselves and the team, and look for a form beyond judging, beyond right or wrong, towards a communication where connection and choice are central.
This model provides insights and tools to discover more and more how we can act and speak and how we can shape that.
The aim is to create connection with yourself and your environment and from there to communicate and cooperate.

Course content

Introduction to the tools and thinking of non-violent communication.

  • Insights into conflicts, patterns, beliefs and habits
  • 4 options and 3 choices
  • Jackal and giraffe language

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