The new AREI 2023

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Training information

  • Length of training: 2 sessions (total 6 hours)
  • Language: Dutch
  • Certification: Syntra Certificate
  • Previous knowledge required: None
  • Price: € 380 (VAT Excluded)

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Target Audience

This course is for anyone dealing with electrical installations:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Electrical installers
  • Home automation installers
  • Employees of engineering offices
  • Real estate agents and construction professionals


As of 1 June 2023, the “new AREI” applies. The training AREI 2023 covers the far-reaching impact of the new AREI on the design, implementation and inspection of electrical installations.  To avoid potential problems and non-conformities, it is recommended that you, as an electrical installer, home automation installer or staff member of an engineering office, follow the AREI 2023 training course.

The AREI 2023 training gives you all the information you need to be able to make a correct design and then execute it correctly. During this AREI 2023 training, the new structure of the AREI is covered and the main changes compared to the current AREI are examined about low voltage and very low voltage.

Course content

  • AREI over time – from ARAB to AREI 2023.
  • Domestic vs non-domestic.
  • Old installation (pre-2020 installations) and even older installation (pre-1981 installations): naming and checking.
  • Enable and inspect a non-household installation: BA4/BA5.
  • Temporary, mobile, and movable installations.
  • What is a significant change or extension in an electrical installation – inspection or not?
  • The description “Electrical sign” – correct and safe disconnection – exceptions.
  • Comprehensive electrical diagrams and rating plates – difference domestic vs non-domestic, what with situation diagram. Rating plate when and what?
  • Legal framework devices for automatic reconnection.
  • Clarification of plan of external influences: what and how?
  • When should electrical installations be inspected?
  • Common foundation? Common earthing! – Conditions.
  • Safety installations and critical installations.

Training calendar

20/08/2024 · Brussels Airport Building 54 · 09:00-16:00 · Language: Dutch

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