Managing blue-collar workers

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Training information

  • Length of training: 4 sessions (total 12 hours)
  • Language: Dutch
  • Certification: Syntra Certificate
  • Previous knowledge required: None
  • Price: € 550 (VAT Excluded)

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Target Audience

Managers of teams with blue-collar workers such as foremen, first-line managers, master guards, brigadiers, site and team leaders.


As team leader for a group of blue-collar workers, you are expected not only to give your employees clear instructions, but also to motivate and lead them. Mastering daily situations on the shop floor as a supervisor requires the necessary professional knowledge.
This programme provides you with the necessary knowledge and practical tips to efficiently lead workers. A mainly practice-oriented programme in which you develop as a participant into an effective manager by expanding your technical and organisational capacities with leadership skills such as coaching, motivating, informing and convincing.

Course content

Session 1. Basic social skills

  • How do you create a safe climate?
  • How to clarify your intention?
  • How to make correct agreements?
  • Basic principles and laws in communication;
  • The difference between “interpretations” and “facts”;
  • Listening and asking questions;
  • The origins of our thoughts;
  • Body language and intonation;
  • Paraphrasing;
  • How to avoid breakdowns in communication.

Session 2. RET: Rational-Emotivational-Training – the ABC model of RET

  • Aggressiveness, assertiveness and sub-assertiveness;
  • Ferdinand Cuvelier’s “Axenroos”;
  • How do you intervene when behaviour is unacceptable?
  • How do you deal with over-assertiveness and aggression?

Session 3. Situational Leadership

Different leadership styles

  • (Adjusting) steering
  • Convince and support
  • Consult and involve
  • Delegate
  • Making agreements

Session 4. Team: coaching a team

  • The role of the coach
  • Staying on the “line
  • Division of tasks and cooperation
  • Stages of team formation
  • Norms and values in a team
  • Solution-oriented coaching
  • Meeting techniques

Training calendar

17/10 - 26/10/2023 · Campus Antwerp · 09:00-16:00 · Language: Dutch

16/11 - 23/11/2023 · Campus Antwerp · 09:00-16:00 · Language: Dutch

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